New innovative platform and redefinition for Someone

Someone is a recruitment and selection agency for online professionals. To expand Someone’s range and to highlight their expertise, the decision was made to develop an innovative online platform. This platform offers room to the ambitions of online (interim) professionals, instead of being simply a matching site. This platform allows employers and professionals to find each other easily without the intervention of an agency.


We helped clarifying the brand promise and translating this to the platform, by implementing the platform, generating the awareness campaign and applying process optimisation of the various figureheads within the organisation.


  • Defining Someone’s brand promise
  • Translating this brand promise into features and the online platform design > what does the platform need to fulfil the brand promise?
  • (Co-) Develop customer journeys and flow
  • Translation internally within the team
  • Support and project management during the development of the platform
  • Support of content and image creation
  • Maintaining contact with the client and project members
  • Providing interim evaluations and the final evaluation
  • Pre-announcements of the online platform and loading the brand via social media and newsletters


  • A clear brand promise from Someone
  • Ambition platform 1:0 was delivered:
  • The team was adapted internally, along with a distribution of roles tailored to the new working method.
  • Employers were informed of the new working method.
  • Candidates were informed of the new working method.
  • The campaign strategy for go-live was delivered and presented and, together with the e-commerce manager, ironed out further and rolled out in the form of a radio campaign, brochures, social media and e-mail marketing.
  • The marketing–sales train was formed.
  • The expected results were achieved.
  • However, after a few months of being live, management decided to take another route. We also assisted this transition.
  • The knowledge is implemented in the organisation.