Brand Management

The digital age has made brand strategy a crucial element. People go online to learn everything they can about a brand, product or service. What is your brand promise?

Campaign Management

The most effective and attractive tailor-made campaigns that really reach and touch the target group. We play at the highest level, working with experienced professionals and specialists.

Employer Branding

From strengthening the employer’s image to attracting and recruiting talent in a challenging labour market. Let us lend a helping hand!


Developing and giving inspiring marketing related workshops. We get a real kick out of anything that has to do with marketing and branding.

Allow us to introduce…

Natalie Anceaux, proud owner of Anceaux Marketing and marketing strategist. With almost twenty years of experience in national and international companies, including Shell, she knows better than anyone else what it is like to market brands, products or services in an innovative way. In 2014, Natalie followed her dream and launched her own brand as an independent entrepreneur, and ever since, she has been helping others to search for, find and launch their brand (promise) with Anceaux Marketing. Natalie is surrounded by a fine team of experts, consisting of both suppliers and partners who are all committed to the same goal: making marketing even more attractive. Would you like to learn more about our partners? Please visit the page ‘Partners’.

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About Anceaux Marketing

What the customers tell

“It is nice to have an external party, because the scrutiny of outsiders can be a contributing factor. Anceaux Marketing is an independent, professional agency. Natalie respects people in their ideas, but with her skills she manages to move the project in the right direction. She is clear and straightforward. Anceaux Marketing knows how to get the right information from people to get to the core.”

“Thanks to Natalie her effort my vacancies and campaign were seen by the right engineers. Besides, Natalie organized a beautiful event for NAM to interest national and international technical professinals for a career at NAM: NAM-High Tech Event 2014.”

“Anceaux Marketing controlled the process, and in the end, we co-wrote the complete image concept. Contact with Natalie went well. She is direct, clear, creative and to the point. I am very happy with the animation we have created.”


“Natalie helped us to build a bridge between brand a communication. She was quickly up-to-speed and realised a good result with the team. Her effort has resulted a foundation that we can build on ourselves.”

“After the brainstorming session, we walked out feeling very good. We were even more surprised later on, when we got the report. Natalie and Tamara managed to get the core out of the brainstorming session and offered it to us on a silver platter. The brand promise provides a launching pad for the rest of the decisions. This is great! The process was a very pleasant experience. Everything came together, Anceaux Marketing hits the right chord.”


Anyone can be a Merkheld! (Brand Hero)

We are convinced that the key to success lies in making good on your promise. The internal organisation plays a crucial role here. Merkhelden [Brand Heroes], the other company of Natalie Anceaux gives advice about branding and creating ambassadors. We believe that everyone can be a brand hero, especially in this digital world. Everyone is building brands, trying to make the brand work for them. To achieve this, they combine Brand, People and Measurable Results. Did we spark your interest? Click on to the Merkhelden website! (NL)

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