Brand promise

Every organisation adds its own added value to the market, but does the target group know this, and agrees with it? Is the story clear and tantalizing? What makes it fundamentally different from what the competition has to offer? We all want growth in turnover and customers. Brand-driven organisations have proven to be more successful. Anceaux Marketing helps you to build your brand promise, the foundation of your company, department or product in no time.

The foundation for your marketing

How do you build a strong brand? That is a question we receive a lot at Anceaux Marketing.  A campaign that boosts your sales for a little while is nice, but actually we want a continuous flow of (new) customers, new business and sales growth.

Brand-driven organizations have been proven more successful than organization which are not brand-driven. Just having a mission alone garantees more success. Internally and externally. Most often it is the big organizations who work brand-driven, like Heineken. We want to make this accessible for everybody. By building a brand promise with Anceaux Marketing, you build a foundation for years and you will grow faster. By the way, our brand promise model works for an organization, department, a (new) product or even a person.

The model is inspired by Simon Sinek – public speaker with his own method about why some businesses are more succesful than other businesses – why, what, how. We added another circle, the ‘who’.

A concept of Anceaux Marketing

Brand promise model

It is not easy to formulate a brand promise. To this end, we follow three steps to achieve the best possible result.
We start with a brainstorming session, away from your own office, because a new environment is inspiring. Lunch is taken care of, so you have plenty of energy to get started!

  • Getting clarity about the company and its direction
  • Determining core values
  • Identifying specialisations
  • Determining target group

Step 1


Step 2

Processing the brainstorming session

After we have gathered enough information during the brainstorming session, Anceaux Marketing starts working on the most important subjects. We will make connections and develop a number of proposals for the brand promise.

  • Suggestions for the mission statement
  • Choices in core values
  • Clarity in specialisations
  • Developing target groups
  • Tailor-made advice for follow-up, helping the brand promise to flourish

The document with our findings is presented during a personal meeting. At this meeting, we check whether the options we delivered are in line with your thoughts. We also offer personal advice on the follow-up process.

  • Personal appointment
  • Document presentation
  • Alignment of options
  • Advice on follow-up process

Step 3


Time for a brand promise brainstorming session!

The brand promise is perhaps a company’s most crucial element. It gives the brand a face for the target group to identify with. Would you like to get a clear picture of your brand promise? Go ahead, make an appointment for your brainstorming session right now! We at Anceaux Marketing will provide you with a clear step-by-step plan, enabling the brand promise to become the solution for your customers. Contact us now, we are happy to tell you everything about it.