Campaign Management: Award Winner @ Shell

At Shell, Natalie and the team won an award for a large campaign to attract professional, technically schooled women in a competitive market. Technically schooled women are a rarity, particularly in the European market. The talent that Shell wished to attract was often quite comfortable at their current employers.


The objective was to create a campaign that would make female talent enthusiastic about coming to work for Shell.


  • Setting up a campaign
  • Advertisements
  • Bannering
  • Video content
  • Editorials
  • Webinar to give the target audience behind-the-scenes look
  • Making it personal by means of the Shell High-tech Event (SHE).


  • SHE is now a global business case and an annually recurring event, thanks to its success.
  • Personal approach
  • New colleagues
  • Recruitment Implementation Excellence Award

“Recruitment Implementation Excellence Award for Natalie Anceaux, Ken McKenzie and Mirella Klein for piloting a webinar and roundtable event to attract more female technical talent to Shell. Congratulations to the team for this innovative approach (setting a global best practice) and great teamwork.” – Claire Wrighton, Regional Recruitment Manager @ Shell.