Developing a brand promise for Kinderopvang Haarlem

Kinderopvang Haarlem offers affordable childcare at 36 locations in Haarlem, where children grow through playing.


Together with Kinderopvang Haarlem, we were able to create a brand promise and develop a clear picture of their mission and distinctive capabilities are. Why should you as a parent (to-be) select this child care centre and not one of the competitors?


  • Brainstorm sessions using the brand promise model we developed ourselves – see below.
  • Processing the brainstorm session into a document
  • Presentation of the brand promise


  • An authentic and persistent mission: accompany the children every day in their journey to discover the best version of themselves.
  • Strong brand promise
  • Solid foundation for Kinderopvang Haarlem by means of filling in the other circles
  • Clear brand strategy that will help them tell their story
  • All members of the management team march in the same direction.

“It is our mission to accompany the children every day in their journey to discover the best version of themselves. The brand promise is such a beautiful piece for everything we do.” – Maureen Posthumus, director of Kinderopvang Haarlem. Recently Kinderopvang Haarlem posted this super nice video where they make their values clear: adventure, fun, learning and personal.

We were also charged with the task of the next step: thinking up a new name by means of brainstorming. Here, too, we were successful. And we’re glad to have Kinderopvang Haarlem reveal that new name themselves!

Recruiting for the International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court (ICC) faces the challenge of recruiting many new people in the coming months. Many different countries are affiliated with the ICC. And these nationalities must be reflected in the list of personnel. There is a particular focus on recruiting people from Brazil, Japan, Germany, Korea and Mexico. Also important: the organisation wants to highlight non-legal jobs. ICC is more than just a court. It is an organisation, with all the associated functions. This deserves to be better known.

This project was done in cooperation with the municipality of The Hague. They saw an opportunity to position The Hague once again as the world’s premier city of peace and justice. It’s a reputation that The Hague has rightly acquired with all its institutions. Something a city can be proud of.

Anceaux Marketing was asked to create a clear strategy that meets the objectives of the various parties. And to bring this to life in a video campaign.

Natalie contributes considerable experience from her time in recruitment marketing at Shell. Natalie: “If you want to trigger people to apply to an organisation that they don’t know or have never considered, then you have to appeal to emotion. A job-opening text can’t do the job by itself. You want to know what type of organisation you’re joining. And the difference you can make. By having employees of the organisation tell their story, others can identify with that person. This triggers passive candidates to become active. Video, in particular, is an extremely powerful tool for this.”

• Highlight authenticity
• Make personal videos with main characters from different countries.
• Create videos in which the stories come together.

• Reach the target audience and move them.
• Five personal videos about the employees from different countries
• One general video about ICC, featuring different points of view

Anceaux Marketing brought this strategy to life, in cooperation with video production company Emansion.

Brand promise brainstorming session for different companies


We brainstorm together with companies to lay the (marketing) foundation for a company, department or product. After such a session, the brand promise is clear, and you can immediately get started with a marketing strategy, image and message. We have already done this for several companies, such as Someone, Your Market stall, Pottery Antiquair & Juwelier, Pe-roll Holland, Karsten & Kuiper, the product DubbelTreat (part of Floatcenter) and iQ-Vision.


  • Brainstorming session on mission, core values, target group & specialities
  • Processing the brainstorming session
  • Presenting the brand promise


  • Clear brand promise


Driving domestic advertising sales at FunX

FunX is a public radio station for young people in large cities; it stands for diversity. This project was for the FunX sales department, to get the radio commercials and online bannering to reach today’s In other words: a B2B project.


FunX is not tracked by national radio audience research. This is an obvious choice, since the study would yield unrepresentative outcomes. Only those decision-making parties at the national levels – such as marketing managers and, particularly, the media purchasing agencies they work with – rely specifically on these studies.  Due in part to this, national sales are not taking off.

There are little or no marketing activities, so no volume is achieved. And approaching potential clients is fraught with difficulties. They want to increase ad revenues by displaying their products in a creative way by loading the brand.


  • Strategic campaign plan with various subprojects for an optimum connection with marketing and the sales funnel.
  • Subproject 1: charting the target group into two categories: the quick wins and the long-term prospects.
  • Subproject 2: taking a look at product propositions in order to expand the “flat” product and to market it more precisely.
  • Subproject 3: always-on marketing, where we load the brand via various channels, primarily social media and promotional campaigns in order to achieve conversions.
  • Subproject 4: organising a knowledge event.
  • Renewing the website
  • Messages for always-on and building promotional campaigns for the advertisement market
  • 2016 content calendar
  • Monitoring and adjusting
  • Reporting to the client

The result

  • Clear promise.
  • Clear foundation and strategy
  • Structure and focus in target groups and packages
  • Updated website
  • Updated e-mail newsletter
  • Setting up social media channels
  • Content strategy resulting in loading of the brand
  • Strategy for the knowledge event
  • National advertisement buys from parties such as Unilever
  • Implementation of the knowledge and a new marketing approach within the organisation
  • Evaluation moments and strategy tweaking sessions to stay on course


Setting up a campaign strategy for Direct Wonen

Direct Wonen is an online rental platform that links tenants and landlords. At the start of this year, a new business concept was launched in the form of a ‘freemium’ model, which truly helps tenants in their search for a new rental home. This is unique when compared to other rental platforms, such as Pararius.


Anceaux Marketing helped translate the business concept and positioning of all communication on the platform, via e-mail and social media, ensuring that it is not an empty promise, and enabling the positioning   everywhere.


  • Social media strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Writing texts
  • Personal appearance


  • Translation of the business concept
  • Making positioning evident in all communications
  • Keeping the promise.

“Natalie helped us bridge the gap between the brand and communication in practice. She got up to speed quickly and was able to achieve a good result, with the team. Her effort resulted in the foundation on which we can now continue building.” – Ted den Bieman, Director, Direct Wonen.



Employer Branding and acquiring leads for NAM

NAM is a joint venture between Shell Nederland BV and ExxonMobil Holding Company Holland LLC. Shell is responsible for all of the recruitment at NAM.

We faced the challenge of meeting huge targets, primarily looking for technical professionals for recruitment at NAM. There were too many of them to do a national campaign, so it became a European campaign with Shell’s look and feel, even though NAM has its own corporate identity. This is because Shell enjoys far greater international recognition than NAM. This was a huge campaign that we worked on for 18 months.

Employer Branding in the form of advertising, bannering, video content etc.
• Targeted actions to appeal specifically to the target group and to impact them with a message.
• Organising the NAM ‘ High-tech & Innovation Event
• Webinars
• Working with agencies for European channels
• Deployment of social media (training sessions)
• Creating and distributing communication messages

• The targets were achieved
• Raised the status as an international employer

“Because of Natalie’s efforts, more of the right engineers saw my job openings and campaigns. In addition, Natalie organised a great event, getting local and international technical professionals interested in a career at NAM: NAM High-Tech Event 2014.” – Jos Boosma, Recruitment Specialist @ NAM.