Driving domestic advertising sales at FunX

FunX is a public radio station for young people in large cities; it stands for diversity. This project was for the FunX sales department, to get the radio commercials and online bannering to reach today’s In other words: a B2B project.


FunX is not tracked by national radio audience research. This is an obvious choice, since the study would yield unrepresentative outcomes. Only those decision-making parties at the national levels – such as marketing managers and, particularly, the media purchasing agencies they work with – rely specifically on these studies.  Due in part to this, national sales are not taking off.

There are little or no marketing activities, so no volume is achieved. And approaching potential clients is fraught with difficulties. They want to increase ad revenues by displaying their products in a creative way by loading the brand.


  • Strategic campaign plan with various subprojects for an optimum connection with marketing and the sales funnel.
  • Subproject 1: charting the target group into two categories: the quick wins and the long-term prospects.
  • Subproject 2: taking a look at product propositions in order to expand the “flat” product and to market it more precisely.
  • Subproject 3: always-on marketing, where we load the brand via various channels, primarily social media and promotional campaigns in order to achieve conversions.
  • Subproject 4: organising a knowledge event.
  • Renewing the website
  • Messages for always-on and building promotional campaigns for the advertisement market
  • 2016 content calendar
  • Monitoring and adjusting
  • Reporting to the client

The result

  • Clear promise.
  • Clear foundation and strategy
  • Structure and focus in target groups and packages
  • Updated website
  • Updated e-mail newsletter
  • Setting up social media channels
  • Content strategy resulting in loading of the brand
  • Strategy for the knowledge event
  • National advertisement buys from parties such as Unilever
  • Implementation of the knowledge and a new marketing approach within the organisation
  • Evaluation moments and strategy tweaking sessions to stay on course